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Kennel Kitchen Chicken Casserole - Puppy Small Breed

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For 2 to 12 months having adult weight 5 to 23 kgs

Kennel Kitchen Chicken Casserole has been specifically and scientifically formulated for small breed puppies to provide them with rice and wholesome nutrition. Puppy formula contains healthy, natural ingredients to help promote muscle growth and development. All our recipe’s are corn, soy and wheat free.

Natural High Quality Chicken contains premium deboned chicken that provides essential amino acids for muscle development.

Corn, Soy and wheat free All our recipe’s our corn, soy and wheat free. They are highly digestible, provide the right nutrition without using fillers such as corn, soy or wheat.

Wholesome Rice is easily digestible for dogs and provides the right balance of carbohydrates that are required for energy.

Natural Vitamins and Minerals are required for a strong immune system.

Natural fats provide essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that promote a healthy coat and a strong immune system.

Preservative free Kennel Kitchen products are made without the use of any artificial preservatives.



Chicken, Chicken Broth, Chicken Fat (source of linoleic acid), Rice (source of carbohydrates), Eggs (source of Vitamin D), Carrots (source of Vitamin A), Sweet Potato (source of starch & carbohydrates), Peas (source of Vitamin A), Vacuum concentrated chicken bone marrow paste (essential amino acids, calcium & phosphorus), Vegetable Oil (source of linoleic acid and Vitamin E), Fish Oil (source of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids).




Crude Protein Min (g/100g) = 7.48,
Moisture Min (g/100g) = 68.99,
Crude Fat Min (g/100g) = 7.20,
Crude Fibre Min (g/100g) = 3.17,
Calcium Min (mg/100g) = 219.61,
Iron Min (mg/100g) = 9.51

Feeding Guide
Adult Weight



5 10 15 19 23
Age (Months) Serving Size/day (grams)
2 250 400 500 600 700
4 300 500 650 750 850
6 300 500 700 800 900
8 250 500 700 750 900
10 250 500 650 700 900
12 250 500 650 700 900


Storage conditions

  • Storage conditions (unopened pouch) : No refrigeration required, store in ambient conditions in a cool and dry place.
  • Once opened serve immediately, any remaining balance food to be refrigerated and served within the same day.
  • Do not serve if the packet is found leaking, bloated or otherwise tampered with.

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