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Grow Cat Grass

Rs. 299.00

Growing cat grass indoors will keep your cats busy and entertain them. This way they don’t need to go outside for grazing, where the grass may be treated with pesticides and fertilizer!

Growing cat grass indoors will keep your cats from going outside to look for grass to satisfy their craving. The grass grown outside may have been treated with pesticides that can be toxic to your feline friend.

What is Cat Grass

Cat grass is something cats love to gnaw on; it’s healthy too. Usually, grown from a mix of seeds of wheat, oat, barley or rye. Growing cat grass indoors is also possible.

This grass provides vital minerals, enzymes, vitamins, and amino acids and the nutrients that are readily absorbed into the bloodstream.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Don't know what is the doesn't want to eat this. His diet has been orijen for the past 2 years.

Quality Product, Your cats will love it! :)

Orijen products are a bit priced but its worth. Healthy and Quality product. My cats love this food.
I would definitely suggest everyone, don't go for the price and buy some cheap cat foods which has a lot of junk and thrown away meat.
Orijen is better anyday. Right from the packaging to the inside product, quality is maintained!

My dogs love it, but not the cat!

All the Origen products i’ve used have been excellent. Sadly, with this one the dogs loved the cat treats, but not the cat...

Great food & Awesome Service

Firstly thank you team BL for an awesome service. Received my order within a week! My kitten loves Orijen cat food. We’ve literally tried each and every brand available in market. However, she wouldn’t relish it as much as a boiled chicken.
When I fed her this, she immediately fell in love with it and refuses to eat anything else :)

I do believe that Orijen Cat & Kitten food is one of the best dry cat food

I do believe that Orijen Cat & Kitten food is one of the best dry cat food

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