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Your Dog Can Donate Blood Too!

Give blood. Share life.

Last month my dad had to go through a bypass surgery.His blood group was B negative.It is only present in 1 out of 67 individuals and considered rare. We had to find 6 healthy individuals in Hyderabad willing to donate blood in Hyderabad. 

It was a stressful time. Thankfully through a cousin we stumbled across wonderful website . Here we were able to find willing donors with ease.

However the scenario is much different when it comes to our beloved pets. Like humans, animals frequently need transfusions during surgery yet we don't have sufficient canine blood banks.

Canine donors can make a difference. Scarcity gives rise to opportunity for disreputable practices.

Want to get involved? Here’s what you need to know about pet blood donations.

Does my dog have a blood type?

Yes. Dogs have more than 12 blood groups. 

When dogs and cats are evaluated for donor eligibility, their blood is "typed" and classified into one of the following categories:

Dogs (Canines)

  1. Universal - Any dog can receive Universal blood
  2. Positive - Only Positive dogs can receive Positive blood

Cats (Felines)

  1. A - Most common, but can only be given to Type A cats
  2. B - More common in pure breed cats… can only be given to Type B cats
  3. AB - Very rare, cannot be used as donors

Your VET should be able to clarify this for you.

More info on canine blood type:

When checking canine blood type, vets will test for DEA (dog erythrocyte antigen) 1.1 negative and positive.

Dogs who present as DEA 1.1 positive are considered universal recipients, while dogs who test negative are considered universal donors.

Negative blood types are more common in breeds such as Dobermans, boxers, German shepherds, greyhounds, Airedale terriers and Weimaraners, and are often in demand.

Dogs with DEA 1.1 Negative blood type can only receive DEA 1 Negative blood whereas dogs with DEA 1.1 Positive can receive either Positive or Negative blood.

More on canine blood groups can be found here:


June 15, 2018 by Shilpa Uppalapati
Tags: Bood Donor

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