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DIY Plastic Bottle Dog Toy


A dog owner wants the best for their kids, or should we say, dogs.  We treat our dogs as if our own child and part of the family.  They are always there for us, to cheer us whenever we are sad and they are also there to lighten our bad and heavy days.  They are known as man’s best friend. 

We all know that they love playing, whether they are a small or a large breed.  And due to this, several dog toys are seen in the market nowadays.  These toys can be a plushy-type or a hard-shelled-type.   But one thing is for sure, they are not that cheap.  Dog ownership need not be expensive. 

As fur parents, we must provide their needs and that means having a personal budget for them.  But not all dog owners are lucky enough to have extra budget to buy for dog toys, which is why we came with the idea of making a unique, sturdy dog toy that your dogs will definitely enjoy.  The materials used for this project can be found in your own home and this can be done in less than an hour.  Want to make your pooch happy? Let us begin!

 bottle toy photo 1

Gather all the materials needed for this unique dog toy tutorial:

  • a piece of soft fabric (any color would do)
  • an empty plastic water bottle
  • a small piece of jingle bell / ghunghru (optional)
  • crochet thread [ cotton yarn]
  • a pair of scissors


bottle toy photo 2

Step 1:  Measure the soft crafting fabric to the empty piece of a plastic water bottle.  There should be a significant allowance on the top and the bottom part of the bottle in reference to the felt because we will be creating vertical cuts on both sides.

 bottle toy photo 3

Step 2: Place the small piece of jingle bell inside the plastic water bottle.  Tightly close the cap afterwards.

 bottle toy photo 4

Step 3: Tightly wrap the crafting felt on the body of the plastic water bottle.  Place the bottle in the center of the felt and start wrapping it around.


bottle toy photo 5

Step 4: Tie one end of the wrapped plastic bottle with a crochet thread.  This should create a candy-wrapped effect now.  Make sure that you tie one end firmly because this is a dog toy and our pets tend to ruin their toys easily if it’s not sturdy enough.


bottle toy photo 6

Step 5:  After creating several loops on one side, cross to the opposite side of the plastic bottle and do the same process on this side.  The tassel on both sides of the plastic bottle should be prominent by now. 


bottle toy photo 7

Step 6:  Cross the opposite side of the bottle again and create several loops.  Continue creating horizontal lines using the crochet thread until you finish the walls of the plastic bottle. 

 bottle toy photo 8

Step 7:  Create vertical line wraps using the crochet thread.  When you reach one end of the bottle, wrap the thread in a vertical manner around the walls of the plastic bottle.  This will create more tension to the whole plastic bottle and will avoid the unnecessary tears on the crafting felt whenever the dog tries to munch or bite it.

 bottle toy photo 9

Step 8:  Secure the end of the thread firmly on one end of the toy.  This will prevent the dog from ruining the toy that early if you get to tie this properly, without the spaces and gaps as seen in the photo.bottle toy photo 10

Step 9:  Finally done and ready to roll!  You can now give this unique plastic bottle dog toy to your lovely pooch!

 (bottle toy final photo) 

This unique dog toy will simply make your fur babies happy since the plastic bottle offers flexibility whenever they bite the body and at the same time, the dog toy will also produce a sound due to the presence of the small jingle bell inside when they try to munch and wiggle the toy extensively. 

They would definite love you for this because they would not have any dull moments anymore!  Have fun with your fur baby!


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January 31, 2019 by barksnlicks team
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