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Your furry friends Paws are as unsafe as Human feet, and needs to be pampered every now and then. As we would not walk barefoot in extreme climates, you must ensure to check your dogs paws almost everyday, in order to keep your furry friends walking and playing comfortable for him. Basic things to keep an eye on are length of the nails, injury in the paw pads or external particles stuck between the paw pads.

Nail Trim

If your dog’s nails are clicking when he is playing or walking or gets snagged easily, then he is due for a nail clipping. The nails should barely touch the ground. This can be done wither by your vet or in a dog spa, which is quite easily accessible nowadays. Alternatively, we would advise the every pet parent to learn how to do the same. The hair in between the pads does cause painful matting if not trimmed regularly and properly. Comb hair out and trim it even with the pads. Check for other external particle while trimming and have them removed.

Cracked Pads
Paw Pads crack and bleed if they get very dry. Try never to use human lotion on the dogs pads, it might soften pads too much and lead to multiple other issues. Shop for a paw pad moisturizers specifically designed for treating dog’s dry paws. While applying the lotion give your dog a paw massage by rubbing in between the paw pads and up in between each toe. This will help relax his tired foot as well.

Summer Care
Dogs paws feel heat much more than we human’s do on the bottom of our feet. Keeping this in mind, try to choose an appropriate time to go out for walking or find a cool place like a dog park with good shade to keep your furry friends paws safe from blistering and burning. Always avoid walking on hot surfaces (such as roads, parking lots or beach sand). If blistering or burning occurs, wash with an anti-bacterial soap and loosely wrap with gauze. If you think it is really bad, then consult with your vet for immediate care.

Winter Care
We all love winters, but excessive exposure to cold weather could cause paw pads to dry out easily. This will lead to pads becoming cracked and chapped. Another thing to keep in mind during the long cold winter months(especially in areas where it snows heavily) is lots of people use salt, de-icers and other items to melt ice off of sidewalks. This could be toxic to dogs who like to lick their paws. When coming home from a daily walk, either wipe down or rinse the paws with warm water to wash away any chemical they may have picked up. Another alternative is to slather the dog’s paws with Vaseline before a walk, which will keep salt from getting on the pads or wrestle the dog into canine snow boots, which we love on a dog.

Cuts in Paws
Though we try to keep our furry friends safe all the time. Their mischievousness will always lead them to hurt their pad of their paws at some time or the other and would need first aid. Simple first aid would be to clean the cut with an anti-bacterial wash, put some anti-bacterial cream on the wound and bandage the paw softly and loosely. Of course this is easier said than done. If your dog is unwilling to have their paw tended to, try your best to attend to the wound or visit the vet for assistance.


April 13, 2015 by barksnlicks team

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