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What is the most common cause for a trip to the vet in case of pooches? I bet it’s ear infections. Ear infections in dogs are common and most dogs suffer from this painful condition sometime or the other in their life. 

What are the Common Signs ? 

  • Scratching and rubbing at the ear(s)
  • Brown, yellow or bloody discharge from the ears
  • head shaking or head tilt
  • Abnormal odor from the ear
  • Redness or Swelling in the ear(s)
  • Hair loss around the ear

 If you see any of the above it's time for a trip to the Vet. 


How do dogs get ear infections?  Well, Canine ear infections are most often due to bacteria or yeast.

 Frequent bathing, swimming and incorrect cleaning methods can lead to infections.

ASPCA says “Because a dog’s ear canals plunge downward and then horizontally from the ear opening, it is difficult for caught debris or water to be released as it must work its way upward to escape; this makes dogs especially susceptible to ear infections. “ 

Are some pooches more prone to ear infections than others?

 Hmmm. YESS.  Dogs with floppy ears or with allergies can be more susceptible.  These include cocker spaniels, golden retrievers and poodles.  Dogs who tend to grow hair in the inner ear canal, such as schnauzers, are also prone to ear infections. 

How can I prevent ear infections in dogs?

Most dogs’ ears do not require regular cleaning and can mostly be left alone. It’s better to leave normal, healthy ears alone and not to clean them for the sake of it.  Unnecessary cleaning can disrupt the delicate pH balance and natural environment in the ears.  

That said we can follow these simple guidelines on when to clean.

  • After baths /swimming, be sure to dry your dog’s ears as thoroughly and carefully as you can.  Inner-ear skin is delicate, so allow your vet to demonstrate the proper method for cleaning your dog’s ears. Take care not to go to far.  Use cotton balls

Click here to watch a video by Dr.Mike on how to clean dog ears.

  • Check your dog’s ears regularly for discharge, odor, swelling. If his/her ear canal appears dirty, clean with a cotton ball dampened with a solution suggested by your vet—but don’t clean so often or deeply that you cause irritation.

What do I use to clean my dog’s ears?

We have a choice between Commercial and home remedies. 


Solutions like Solid Gold Ear Care are easily available.Do ask your vet to recommend something appropriate for your dog. 

Home Remedies:

A basic ear cleaner can be prepared at home to correct the pH and kill any contaminants  residing in the ears.

Make up a solution with 1 cup of Luke-warm water and 2 tablespoons of one or more of the following:
Hydrogen peroxide OR Apple Cider vinegar OR  White Vinegar.
This mixture can be used to wipe out excess debris from visible areas of the ear.
* Unsure about the home remedy? Talk to your Vet


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