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Pets and Fireworks don't mix.


Diwali is here!! The most enthusiastically awaited festival by kids and adults alike. The beautiful lights, the sounds, the bigger the better, right? But for our pets? Not so much.

Diwali and Pet Safety tips

Every year thousands of dogs in India suffer as a result of fireworks being let off. Fireworks are very stressful for pets. Some run away from home in their distress.

Animals in general have a very acute sense of hearing. Loud bangs may cause them pain in their ears.

If you must use fire crackers follow these simple guidelines suggested by BlueCross and your pet need not suffer.

  • Ensure your pets are wearing at least a collar and tag for easy identification.
  • Exercise your pets earlier in the day before the fireworks start to tire them out.
  • Close all windows and doors to stop pets escaping and to keep noise to a minimum.
  • Prepare an area for your pet where he can feel safe and comfortable – perhaps under a bed/table with a favorite chew toy and plenty of water nearby. He may like to hide there when the fireworks start.
  • Let your pet pace around, whine and hide in a corner if he wants to. Do not try to coax it out – he’s just trying to find safety, and should not be disturbed.
  • Try not to cuddle and comfort distressed pets as they will think you are worried too, and this may make the problem worse. Instead stay relaxed, act normally and praise calm behavior.
  • If possible, avoid leaving your pet alone during such potentially upsetting events.
  • Don’t get angry with your pet if you find he has been destructive after being left on its own. Shouting at a frightened pet will only make it more stressed.
  • Don’t tie your dog up outside while fireworks are being let off i.e leave him in the garden or in your terrace.
  • Watch your pet. Excessive panting and yawning can sometimes indicate that your dog is stressed.
  • If you have your pets in cages/kennels outside and can't move them indoors, then cover the kennels with heavy blankets. This will help reduce the noise and the pooch should also remain undisturbed by flashing lights.


Here’s a tip - Use Lavender scented items to help calm your pooch. Use a spray or a balm or gently bruise the leaves and flowers of some fresh plants if you have some around. Just make sure that it's out of reach of your pooch.

You can purchase a handmade calming balm here.  Happy Paws Lavender Calming Balm is a natural remedy specially formulated to calm anxious pooches.

Skin Sense has a diwali kit available here . The kit includes :

Note: Please observe caution when using heated lavender scented oils or incense  as a distressed pets can knock them over and injure themselves.

If you have kids around this is a golden opportunity to teach them sensitivity to animals. Many people tie crackers to dog’s tails and watch the “fun” as they run away! This is torture! Such cruelty must be stopped!


We at barksnlicks wish you and your pets a Safe and Happy Diwali!

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