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What you feed your dog is one of the key factors that will ultimately define their quality of life. Therefore, what you feed your dog should not be a decision that you take lightly. In fact, there are a number of dogs in India that continue to be fed poor-quality food, which is affecting their quality of life.

At Barks ‘n Licks, we are a leading provider of both quality pet food online and dog accessories. Here, we will explore more about some of the everyday pet food ingredients found in ‘on-the-shelf’ pet foods that are potentially dangerous for your dog.


Many of the 'most reputable' brands use by-products in their dog food. A by-product is essentially a part of the body that has been deemed ‘not fit’ for human consumption. Alarmingly, in chicken, a by-product could be anything from undeveloped eggs to intestines.

To put it simply, there is a reason these animal parts are not fit for human consumption, so why would you feed them to your dog?

Artificial colours and preservatives

Another altogether pointless addition to pet food is artificial colours and preservatives. Just like in our food, these ingredients provide no nutritional value, and many of them have been proven to cause side effects.

One of the most dangerous preservatives is Ethoxyquin, a fat preservative. Ethoxyquin is used in the formation of rubber and as part of a pesticide as well as an ingredient in some dog foods. While not toxic (in small doses) according to experts, feeding your dog the same meal repeatedly could cause issues.

This is just one of many preservatives and additives added to dog food that is potentially dangerous. Propylene glycol, Butylated hydroxyanisole aka BHA and Butylated hydroxytoluene aka BHT are all highly controversial, but still widely used by many manufacturers because they are inexpensive and easy.

It is also imperative that you take the time to ensure that your dog is not reacting poorly to the foods you are feeding them. You are probably not aware, but some of the most common allergens for dogs include corn, wheat and soy. A veterinary dermatologist can perform an allergy test on your dog if required, but it is altogether easier to avoid the most common allergens or at least to monitor the effect they have on your dog.

As explored above, buying the wrong dog food can really cause dogs in India issues. As this is the case, we ensure that all the items we sell on our pet food online shop are high quality. This means, NO by-products and NO artificial colours or preservatives.

Check out our Grain Free Dog Food collection, which has the best ingredients you can give you dogs.

Remember a “Healthy pooch is a Happy pooch”.


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